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Vertical blinds are the most practical and functional blind on the market because they come in a wide assortment of colors to match your decor, in either patterned, plain and textured designs, are available in PVC or fabric vanes and can fit the smallest to largest window or door on a straight or sloping sill.

Vertical Blinds can be rotated left or right to let the light in and also completely opened by stacking to either left, right, split to sides or bunched to center depending on which way your windows or doors open.

Vertical Blinds come in a range of vane material finishes from fabric to PVC in sheer to blockout giving you more or less light, heat and privacy and are especially good for sliding doors and high traffic areas providing a great amount of durability with clear and unobstructed access while maintaining style and design particularly for living rooms or bedrooms.

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From traditional to ultra modern blinds, BLIND'S INTERNATIONAL INC. has it all. We can help you add style, class, and elegance to your space with custom vertical blinds or any other types of blinds, shades, and shutters.

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Along with quality products, designed to suit your lifestyle and budget, we also offer fast delivery and expert installation services. Our team will work in a professional and organized manner to ensure a timely and flawless project completion.

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