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Faux wood blinds are made with high quality materials and components. They are an ideal option for households having children, particularly due to their state of being durable and sturdy.

Faux Wood Blinds Sunrise

Their durability is defined as a long-lasting quality that gives worth to money for a lengthy period of time. They are also best for bathrooms and kitchens due to their humidity resisting and moisture defying attributes.

Highlighting Fauxwood Blinds

  • They are ideal for a high-level humidity room.
  • They are easily coordinated with the current wood decor.
  • They increase a personal touch through cloth tapes, valances.
  • They are an affordable resource to avail the warm look of wood in homes.
  • They are ideal for an extreme climate.
  • They offer natural and pleasing alternatives to a real wood.

Better Blinds

We guarantee energy savings, durability, and affordability with lighter but stronger faux wood blinds. These structures are made to look like real hardwoods, including bamboo slat, teak wood, ash, maple, basswood, cherry, walnut, and more.

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Energy savings, durability, and affordability

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Additional Benefits

Faux Wood Blinds Dade

Additional benefits of faux wood blinds are that they are good insulators, protecting your interior space from excess heat or cold. Furthermore, along with the beauty and appeal of real wood, you will get the dependability of a synthetic material.

We also design and manufacture woven wood shades, plantation shutters, and many other types of window coverings. Call us for details.

Protecting your interior space from excess heat and cold

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